Pitch Black Playing Cards Playing Cards by Copag
Pitch Black Playing Cards Playing Cards by Copag


Pitch Black Playing Cards


Pitch Black Playing Cards deck from Cartamundi is a beautiful, aesthetic “dark” deck for professional poker, cardistry performers and magicians.

Designed by Jirs Huygen, the deck has a standard poker size, a smooth finish, and creative. With Pitch Black cards, each game will be not only reckless and interesting but also atmospheric.

Cards are made mainly in anthracite black color. On the main black background, clear and sharp lines draw images on maps. All drawings are stylized in a simple and rigorous. All black suits are made in white, giving them a resemblance to ghosts or “revived skeletons”. Any card with Clubs or Spades is drawn with snow-white lines on a black background.

All red suits are made in saturated scarlet. In each illustration, the theme of skulls and the undead is skillfully played up, so all red suits deserve the title of “bloodied ghosts”. All images of the suits are recognizable - it is as if the artistic interpretation of the original card deck.

This is a non-standard and creative deck for a stylish game of “dark” poker, where there is an intriguing atmosphere of invisible danger and something unusual, at the level of sensations from the game. Creative decoration and high-quality technology of card production will not leave indifferent in any connoisseur of card games.