Les Méliès Red Eclipse Playing Cards by Pure Imagination Projects

Pure Imagination Projects

Les Méliès Red Eclipse


Designed with magicians in mind, Les Méliès card deck is simple in concept yet intricately designed to enhance performance for both the magician and his or her audience. The design concept of the card was created by Derek Mckee and Michael Blau who were inspired by the film A Trip to The Moon by director George Méliès, a magician himself. Evident in the back illustration is a nod to the film, with a beautiful drawing of the moon in simple red and white. 

What makes this deck so great are the clever hidden features throughout the cards, along with a well hidden marking system perfect for magical illusions and mesmerizing your audience. If you’re an avid fan of card magic and illusions, then Les Méliès Conquests is a deck you cannot miss out on.

Only 3000 decks printed! 

Main Features:

  • Crushed air cushion stock
  • Hidden marking system
  • Updated tuck box