Red High Victorian Playing Cards by Theory11
Red High Victorian Playing Cards by Theory11


Red High Victorian


High Victorian Playing Cards were introduced by Theory 11 almost 5 years ago and since then have ranked in the top 10 playing cards for many card collectors.

Largely because the cards were inspired by the breathtaking style of the Victorian era and designed from scratch. 

Theory11 then silently created the Red High Victorian Playing cards in a collaboration with Target and these cards were and still are on sale exclusively at Target stores.

The Red High Victorian playing cards feature the same design elements as the original green high Victorian playing cards but the tuck box and card backs are now Red in color.

  • Unique three dimensional depth
  • The world's most sophisticated deck
  • Premium finish
  • Poker sized (3.5" x 2.5")
  • Elite cardistry brand Theory 11
  • Stunning design, ideal gift